My Spring 2014 Wishlist

1. Prada Mini - *drool* this bag is absolutely gorgeous, 'mini' bags are currently in. This bag has a cross body strap. I absolutely adore it and the black leather goes with just about any outfit. Mind you, its price tag runs near the thousands, I can't get this little beauty out of my head.
2. Bralettes - Okay, maybe something odd to discuss but I have a small frame and I've got to admit I feel silly even bothering with wire bras. They dig into my chest as I've not much there to pad it with. Lately I've only been wearing bralettes and embracing how they kind of make my chest.. non-existent. I've only currently two of them though so I've been eyeing up more, this cute lilac pink one is from Aerie by American Eagle, but plenty of shops have them in stock.
3. Chanel Espadrilles - Yet another item nearing the thousands of dollars, a girl can dream no? These Chanel slip ons look extremely comfortable, and unlike most past Chanel footwear I've lusted for they're much more casual. This pair is my favourite style as the colours would match just about any outfit. I'd love to pair these with some disco pants..
4. MAC Turquatic Perfume - It seems like for a few springs now I've eyed up this perfume and gave it a smell each time I'm at the checkout. The name of the perfume describe the scent quite well if you've an imagination, it's fresh and light, perfect for spring!
Okay so maybe Prada and Chanel might currently be out of my budget range? I can't help what I wish for though! I'm hoping to find a small black cross body bag like the Prada mini, I think little purses that look like bags are quite sweet. The perfume and bralettes are far more reasonable, and thankfully I received a MAC and Forever21 gift card for my birthday so my wish list might be slightly shorter in the near future..