MAC Viva Glam Ariana Grande | Lipstick and Gloss Review + Swatches

Another product by Ariana Grande on my blog so soon? I can't help it, she's came out with some really great high end products lately and this is no exception. In partner with MAC Cosmetics Ariana Grande released a lipstick and a lipgloss ('lipglass') with 100% of the items cost going towards the MAC AID's Fund. So far over $400,000,000 has been raised by celebs teaming with MAC Viva Glam.

There's a dark plum/red matte lipstick, looks amazing on darker skin tones and vampy on light ones, this colour can suite anyone. In the swatch there's a view of one coat and beside it multiple layers. She also has a sheer pink sparkly lipgloss, personally I don't often wear lipgloss or shades with sparkles, but I know this is a great product for her younger fans to buy and wear on an everyday basis. It's a gorgeous colour and is not too sticky!

I highly recommend you check these out, you're making a full donation to a charity and getting a gloss and lipstick to boot. What do you think of these colour? Will you be buying either?

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