MAC Cosmetics Prep & Prime Fix+ Spray

I bought this product mostly because I didn't want to look so powdery after setting my makeup. I know it can be used for a lot of things such as a base before foundation, setting spray, mixed with foundation, and on a beauty blender. The product comes in the travel size you see in the photos, and a full sized bottle. I stuck with the travel size before making the big investment.

"A soothing moisture mist that refreshes the skin and finished makeup. Hold bottle 12"away from face and spray evenly. Use before or after makeup."

I didn't notice moisturizing effects of it but it definitely set my makeup and took away my chalky look. It also was great before foundation as a skin prep. I'll definitely be buying a full size in the future, it's one of the best setting sprays I have tried.. just enough dewiness without sheen. I tried to take photos as an example but it's hard to capture how it words.. a travel size is only $12 CAD so I highly recommend giving it a try, you'll definitely find a use for it!

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