Giving Old Furniture New Life with Premier Paints at Canadian Tire

Each time I move into a new apartment I get the urge to totally redo my entire décor. My boyfriend and I recently upgraded from a small bachelor to something a bit bigger (our cats really appreciate this!) Though I can’t go out and buy all new decorations and furniture, I can make something old new again. I’ve had an old hallway table for years, and my parents had it for even longer before that. With the opportunity to work with Canadian Tire and their new line of Premier Paints I knew just the piece of furniture that needed some TLC.

To my boyfriend’s dismay I really love whimsical and unique pieces. Pastels and vintage silver and golds are my favourite. I decided to paint the top of this dark and dreary table in pastel stripes, and have the rest a creamy white with a hint of pink. When I received the colour folder from Canadian Tire I could spot the shades I wanted right away. I chose “Angel Food Cake” and “Lavender Lace”, and surprisingly I didn’t just choose them for their adorable names.

The first thing I noticed when swatching the tester colours on the table first was how they immediately covered the extremely dark wood and paint underneath. I painted the edges and cracks with the light cream first with a paint brush, and then went in with a small roller to evenly coat the top, bar, and legs. One coat with only a few tiny touch ups and I was set. I was absolutely amazed by the paints coverage! The colour applied extremely creamy and smooth and proved to be an easy application for someone who isn’t a DIY pro.

After allowing it to dry I measured out the length apart I wanted my stripes to be and laid my painters tape down. It’s important to make sure your first coat dried entirely so you don’t pull up any colour when removing the tape. I rolled on the beautiful vintage lavender and again, with just one coat, it was a perfect application.

I can’t recommend trying something fun with your old furniture pieces enough. They add character and conversation to your rooms. With Canadian Tire’s Preimier Paint line you have all the tools and colour options to do whatever project you dream up.  

This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

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