Review | MAC Sweet & Sour Lipstick

I purchased this product last year when the "All About Orange" collection came out at MAC. I've been a long time lover of orange lip colours and I was so excited when this collection came out. Sweet & Sour has been rereleased on the MAC website so I thought now that it's available again I'd review it!
This lipstick is a much lighter shade of orange than I am used to, it's a peachy pink shade and it is a creamsheen. It's extremely pigmented, smooth, and slightly glossy. I don't find myself reaching for this colour often though as it just feels too light. If you're into lighter shades of pinks and nudes this lipstick is something you should for sure try.. just make sure to exfoliate your lips first because this colour shows any flaws! My favourite way to wear this lipstick is not my applying it heavily but rather patting a small amount of colour on my lips.