Lush Bath Bombs | Sex Bomb

I thought I'd start a series on the different Lush bath bombs available. The first bath bomb I've picked is "Sex Bomb", it's one of my favourite and I've repurchased it many times. It's a sweet floral smell and the name definitely suits it. This bath bomb is portrayed as something you'd use to feel sexy, or if you were to take a bath with your special someone. This turns your bath a pretty pink colour and makes your skin super soft and lovely, even if you're going it alone. This scent lasts on my skin for hours, and a special part about this bath bomb is the soap petals on top float around your bath making it extra special. This is quite a large bath bomb so you can even break it in half and get two uses out of it. As one of my favourites, I give this bath bomb a 9/10.. if you haven't already you should for sure check it out in store, it smells AMAZING! 
Click here if you'd like to find out more about this product from the Lush website :)
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