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Summer 2019 Trend: Pops of Pink with got2b!

Always on an adventure.. Whether it’s a festival or a beach getaway, got2b is with me! The pink peeking out of my messy waves is from their Creative hair colour kit (Pretty in Pink)…and I always pack #got2b Fresh It Up Dry Shampoo when I travel - for instant volume and a much needed re-fresh. Summer road trips, here I come! 💙 
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Keeping is short and sweet - I haven't posted on my blog since 2017. As all bloggers who seemed to switch over to just Instagram; "I just wasn't inspired to write blog posts anymore." For now, at least, I'm happy to pick it back up.

Here's a lil graphic of all my Spring 2019 wants (needs, really) - let me know if anything catches your eyes too!

1. Urban Outfitters Kate Femme Essential Boot - I somehow don't own any white boots, these would be perfect with summer dresses and dark cropped jeans, UGH. On sale too.. 

2.  For Love and Lemons Butterscotch Tiered Mini Dress - Not just this style, I'll literally take ANYTHING off of their website, I've been hooked for YEARS on this brand. SO. DREAMY.. but their prices are sadly too much for me.

3.  Platform Doc Marten Jaden 8 Eye Boots - Literally everyone has these because they're so cute with ultra girly pieces (like above dress).. I may or may not have already caved on these. 

4. Swarovski Lucky Goddess Heart Clip Earrings - This brand is usually not on my radar but three of their latest collections have been stunning; Sunshine, Lucky Goddess, and Symbolic Moon

5. Rockland Stagecoach Luggage - Basically my luggage is old and ugly and I'm dreaming of some cute (and instagram-worthy) suitcases for trips I'm planning, love this vintage style!

6. Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel - The best bronzer to exist - it's creamy and looks perfect blended into foundation for a natural glow. Definitely a NEED given my fake tan addiction. 

Quo 2017 Holiday Collection at Shoppers Drug Mart

Christmas came a bit early to my PO box this season. Above are only some (can you believe there's more?!) of the 30 kits by Quo available at Shoppers Drug Mart this holiday season. I love when brands put out big collections like this for the holidays, it makes shopping for picky people juuuust a little bit easier. There's also enough range in this collection to buy for tweens to adults. Kits like this look thoughtful and extravagant because there's so much to each one. There's even a few little bits you might want to buy yourself early (advent calender's and Christmas crackers are a must)!

The packaging is cute and festive, and the individual products have sleek and minimalistic containers. Though I haven't used any of these yet, from previous Quo purchases I know this brand makes quality items with good pigmentation. My favourites right away were the artisan brushes and the luxury lipsticks. Below you can find all of these kits listed in order of the photos above and I've also listed the prices. I found everything to be quite reasonably priced given the amount of product. If you want to check out the other kits available take a peek on the shoppers drug mart website!

1. Lip Gloss Bar, $20
2. Luxury Lipstick Wardrobe, $30
3. Delux Brow Sculpting Set, $20
4. Cosmetic Crackers, $15
5. Artisan Brush Set, $79 (put this on your list, seriously these are amazing quality)
6. 12 Days of Beauty, $40
7. Beauty on the Go Trio, $35
8. Blending Sponges, $8 each
9. Emery Board, $3 each

Have any of these kits caught your eye? Have you tried any Quo cosmetics before? What did you think? Let me know below!

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