Quick & Special Christmas Gift Ideas When You Don't Know What To Buy

Every year there's a few people we draw a blank on what to buy them. You want it to be something special, but not insanely over the top. Maybe they're someone who seems to have everything or maybe you don't know their tastes super well (family and work secret Santa's are the death of me), either way you're stuck. I have compiled a list of simple yet quality gift ideas that perhaps have not yet crossed your mind.
Sweater & Hat
 I know buying clothing for someone can seem scary but a sweater can be very plain, and it's very easy to make sure you buy the right size (just go for oversized and cozy). Pair it with a hat and it's the perfect little combo. The pictured sweater and hat can be found at Bluenotes and totaled only $26.
Holiday Candles
A holiday scented candle is always a good idea. I think it's special if they're from Yankee or Bath & Body Works, and for each of these brands of candles you can buy accessories to top off the gift. For example pictured is a snowflake rim that sits on your Yankee while burns. BBW has a lot of little holder for all sizes of their candles as well. If you're worried about scent just go for traditional Christmas picks like cinnamon or sweets.
Travel Mugs
Even if the person already owns a travel mug,it's never a burden to own more. These were both purchased at Starbucks and if you put some flavored coffee or tea inside it's a perfect little bundle.
Ok, maybe it's just me and you'll all think I'm crazy but I absolutely love coasters. They're practical, home décor, and can be super cute and unique. This makes me believe they're a great gift idea (paired with a little something more like sweets). At Homesense you can find really unique kinds like the marble stone ones pictured, or you can hunt for vintage antique ones like the silver plated ones.
Local Artisan Jewelry Set
The bracelet and earrings pictured are from Beck & Boosh, I really recommend checking out their jewelry online. I think buying local or buying from an individual artisan really adds a special factor to the gift. Simple silver or gold pieces are easily a hit if this person wears jewelry. 
So this is definitely a more personal gift, and you're going to want to have an idea of the sort of scent a person likes. I just think that giving perfume shouldn't be confined to only from your significant other. At places like Winners you can find extremely nice name brand perfumes at super reasonable prices. Versace and Agent Provocateur? Under $50 each at Winners. Both very simple and acceptable scents, not too sweet or florally.
Cocktail Shaker & Drink Mixes
This would be a cute gift to receive during the holidays because they can put it right to use and have some fun with it. All they need is some alcohol and ice and they're ready to try out some new drinks. I found this shaker vintage, and the mixes at Winners.

Gourmet Chocolates
I think everyone enjoys getting sweets but instead of the simple Pot of Gold or Quality Street why not go for something a bit more unique. Even if you can't find a name brand like Charbonnel et Walker, you can go to sweet shop and get hand made chocolates very easily. For any Haligonian's reading this, Gourmandises Avenue Chocolaterie is perfect for this.
Healthy Alternatives
I know a lot of people would much prefer some gourmet trail mix over gourmet chocolates (definitely not me). I wanted to share with you guys this Canadian brand "Hand Fuel", great for an athletic or adventurous person, or someone always on the go. They are @handfuel on instagram.
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