Irresistible Me Human Hair Extension Review

Recently I received a new set of hair extensions from Irresistible Me Hair Extensions, I was super excited because my old pair was looking ratty and I was not a big fan of them in the first place (don't order off Aliexpress!). These extensions are human remy hair extensions. Today I'm going to review them for you, I am leaving out the initial photos of the package because I immediately gave them to my hairdresser to match for me. I definitely ordered the right shade, I just have a unique colour of blonde in my hair.. you fake blondes out there will feel me. I did not style the extensions, I wanted to show you how natural they look after being washed and how they're great for everyday wear. Usually with hair extensions you have to style them and your hair because it'll look very unnatural if not. These look great without any work at all. I'll be doing another post on before and afters and styles in the future. 

Just so you know I am not being paid to rave about these extensions, they just sent them to me and told me to share my thoughts.. I just happen to be entirely in love with them.

I received the Silky Touch 22", 200g extensions in shade #613. I was very surprised when I opened the package because there was a SO much hair, it seemed much more than 200g. My favourite thing right away was a four layer weft with 4 clips on it, I have never owned such a thick and full extension piece. Usually I ended up layering 4 separate 1 layer wefts on top of each other to get that full effect in the back.. but this set already does it for you! It makes putting in the extensions 10x easier. The next amazing part of this set is that there are 5 pieces of 2 clip wefts. This makes getting your entire head much easier, usually there are only 2-3 2 clip wefts in a set. The entire extension set comes with 10 pieces, I actually only use 6. This is a good thing because it means the hair is so thick and quality that I don't even need to use it all to make it look real. If I am going for a more intense look or style I can always use those extra pieces. 

As for the actual human hair extensions they are very silky, strong, and THICK. They are thick from the top to the bottom and I didn't need to cut off any thin sad ends like I usually do with extensions. They blend amazingly and the clips are very little and comfortable, much better than those bulky hard to hide sets. I truly could rave about this hair for hours but I think you would need to try them for yourself to really see what I mean. I'll always recommend this brand to my friends now, and I doubt I'll buy from anywhere else again! 

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