Sunday, 3 January 2016

Ari by Ariana Grande | Perfume Review

I don't often buy celebrity perfumes,I find I'm not always the biggest fan of their scents. Most of the time the notes in the perfume aim towards a younger audience where as I like a more mature scent. This is no exception for Ari by Ariana Grande, it's main notes being marshmallow, raspberry, and grapefruit.. acceptable for a younger audience to wear. Despite this I truly love this scent, at first I was unsure but it's not an overbearing sweet like 'Pink Sugar' by Aquolina, it's fresh and girly. It's not something someone could disagree with, I've had a lot of compliments on this scent since I started wearing it. Besides the scent the bottle is adorable, I absolutely love it. At first I thought the pom-pom was actually the trigger when squeezed to let the perfume out, but it's not. I will definitely be putting this perfume on display in my room along some other pretty bottles. I really recommend you go check out this scent, though it's not sold at Sephora it is found with the high end perfumes in department stores and high street drugstores.
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  2. I love your blog!! Pleaseeeee check out mine, if you don't mind Xo

  3. The bottle is so cute! I'll give it a sniff when I'm in stores, thanks!

    Yousra | Mystic Tales

  4. Oh great! I've been seeing ads for this scent everywhere and been meaning to give it a sniff :D I hope I'll remember to do so the next time I'm in a store!
    Charlotte Luisa |