What I Received For Christmas 2015

Ari by Ariana Grande perfume
Faux fur snood from Forever 21
Candy by Prada perfume
Soap from Laughing Pear Soap Company (my mum and I found these at a Halifax craft fair, they're amazing)
Vanilla Crepe candle by Charmed Aroma
Whirl lip pencil by MAC
Velvet Teddy lipstick by MAC
Travel Sized Fix+ spray by MAC
Eyeshadow quad from Mac
Faux fur purse bobble from Sears
Melted Kissed & Sweet Cheeks lipstick and blush kits from Too Faced
Decades of Fashion by H.F. Ullmann
100 Contemporary Fashion Designers by Terry Jones
Fairy Dust body powered by Lush
Vegan Everyday by Douglas McNish

I thought I would show you a few of my favourite/beauty related gifts I received this Christmas. I was very lucky and I had an amazing Christmas. It took a whole month of prep and now it's over.. I'm pretty sad about that but I'm looking forward to new years. Besides what you see in these photos I got a spice rack, new blender (I never thought I'd be excited about these things), lots of gorgeous clothes items, a new vanity mirror and Lush goodies. This year I also received a lot of candles and a lot of body wash.. two of my favourite things. Some of the items above have links if you'd like to check them out, hope you all are having a happy holiday!
What did you receive or give this Christmas?