The Best Red Festive Polishes

Over the past few months I've collected quite a few red, and deep purple red shades. I think these are all perfect for the holiday season, not just Christmas but into the new years as well. I always have on acrylic nails and I find I'm not a fan of them on me if the polish isn't a shade of red, I've tried blues, pinks, neutrals but I always switch it back to red and regret my past choices. These are actually all my favourite nail polish brands, each colour is very rich and the formula is a great quality for applying. I'll list the brands and colours below but I'll just talk about a few of my favourites here. The Sally Hansen Velvet Texture is a really unique polish, it's more than just matte but not actually fuzzy as the name suggests. This would probably be my favourite if not for the fact the texture the polish makes picks up the foundation I am wearing really easy and you can see it on the nail (weird I know). The Formula X for Sephora is what I'll be getting my acrylics in tomorrow, it's a deep red but not too dark (as you can see compared to the almost black OPI shade). It's a perfect rich red and I think it takes it's place as my favourite from this group. The Lollipops Paris polish is from a brand I haven't heard of before until I received my October GlossyBox, I was skeptical but the formula was so nice and since it's one of the least expensive polished I've selected it's quite a bargain. Below are the polishes and colours, in order you see them in the first photo. Let me know what shade is your favourite is below..

Lollipops Paris - Voyage รก Paris
L'Oreal Paris - Red Tote
Formula X - Fahreinheit 
Essie - Hip-Anema 
OPI - Visions of Love 
Julep - Myriam
Sally Hansen - Lavish

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