Christmas With Lush Cosmetics

As you probably already know, this is not nearly the entire Christmas range, but they are my select favourites from this year. Lush products are one of my favourite things to gift and receive under the tree, or for any occasion really. In this post I'll show you four bath bombs, one of their cut soap bars, and some body shimmer. All these products are limited edition for the holiday season so I advise you get your hands on these fast. You'll notice I (clearly) like sweet smells, none of them are too sickly sweet though so I really think they're a great gift for anyone. Below I'll talk about each product separately in order you see them in the photos above.
Cinders - This bath bomb simply smells like Christmas, it's a little spicy and a little sweet, and a hint of a firewood stove.
Butter Bear - It's exactly like their bath bomb "Butterball" except in bear shape. It's vanilla and cocoa butter, my favourite part about this is it makes a nice oil layer on the top of your water to rub on your skin.
First Snow - This dusting powder smells very citrusy, and is filled with glitter, but not too much to the point you're coated in sparkles. This is perfect for special nights out around christmas and new years.
Father Christmas - Another bath bomb, this one smelling much like Lush's famous "Snow Fairy" scent. It's very sweet and lovely, and is the most festive looking one of this post.
Yog Nog - I cannot get enough of this smell, it's amazing. It smells like toffee and christmas spice. I have bought four of these so far because I'll be super sad when it's gone! I cannot rave about it enough.
Yog Nog Soap - I had to buy the soap version, of course. It smells much like the bath bomb but a bit more like actual egg nog (in the best way possible).
Do you have any Lush Christmas favourites? Tell me below, I'd love to try.
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