Bath & Body Works Christmas Candles 2015

I love seasonal candles, so Bath & Body Works is a must at least four times a year. These holiday candles I picked up are my favourite scents brought out this season, everything about them is Christmas-y. They're listed below with the description of the scent. Joy is by far my favourite, but the small green one called Noel smells just like a tree (because my little pine tree you can see in the last photo just isn't doing the trick..)! You should check out their holiday range, there is a scent for everyone and the containers they come in are great decoration.
JOY - Peppermint Marshmallow: "Indulge in the fragrance of fluffy vanilla marshmallows, full of holiday sweetness and peppermint joy", this smell is very sweet!
PEACE - Iced Vanilla Woods: "Enjoy a peaceful holiday with this soothing blend of sweet vanilla, smouldering woods and iced lavender", this is minty and wintery with a hint of sweetness.
NOEL - Silver Pine & Cedar: "Create a beautiful home for Christmas with this aromatic blend of pine needles, cedar and juniper sprigs", this description says it all.
The last photo is a look at the little Christmas corner in my room, I live in a small apartment so I couldn't get a read tree.. so I got three tiny ones to make up for it.  

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