7 Tips For Going Blonde

I am sure every dark haired girl at some point has thought about what it'd be like to be a blonde. I seem to always be thinking about this when it comes to my hair. When I was younger I made an attempt to go blonde out of box dyes, and well, I ended up a ginger for two days and then back to brown. Lately I've really been considering going blonde and I think I am ready to take the plunge. The above photos are some of my favourite blonde looks and shades. After doing a lot of research, and having experienced a few blonde ombre's, I think I have enough information to become a (fake!) blonde without damaging my hair too much. I have compiled tips from my stylist, my blonde friends, and the internet to help you get the best out of bleaching. 

1. Go to a professional - I know it's tempting to buy those cheap box dyes, or even the lightening powder and developer from Sally's but you're going to do yourself some heavy damage. I know it's pricey but if you really want to go blonde it'll be worth it to save up and have a trained professional do it. I personally am going to a hairdressing school to have mine dyed, aka it's SO much cheaper and done just as professionally. Students need practice so they have professionals watch over them and guide them as they dye your hair.. they're not just going to let a newbie at you alone. A stylist will bleach, tone, and even glaze your hair and without being educated about this it could go VERY wrong.

2. Make this a slow process - If you've quite dark hair, or even just a medium brown it's best to take your time when dying your hair blonde. Your hair might be an undesired shade for a few weeks but you will thank yourself in the long run for letting the bleaching go in steps, since you'll be giving your hair a break in between and deep conditioning to prepare for the next session. 

3. Deep condition & treatments - Before, during, and after dying your hair you're going to need to spend more time and money on maintaining your hair. Bleaching strips the proteins out of your hair so deep conditioning will add strength back to it. If you do keratin/protein/oil/chemical treatments to your hair at all three stages of going blonde you'll have smoother healthier hair. You can get treatments done at a salon for around $20 usually, and you can buy deep conditioning masks and oils from drugstores. The more the better, you can never condition too much. 

4. Pick the right shade - Going blonde doesn't mean you need to be platinum. You can have anywhere from strawberry blonde, to ashy blonde, to beige blonde and more. Do your research and be prepared for the lighter the blonde the more damage. I am personally going for a ashy beige blonde (most like the photo of Cara above), which is going to be a long process to save my hair the damage. Think about your skin tone too, what best compliments it? Search around and bring examples with you!

5. Buy the right products beforehand, maintenance is key! - You're probably going to want a sulphate free shampoo to spare yourself colour loss, and a purple (not blue) blonde toning shampoo. You don't need to use this shampoo each day unless you're a white platinum blonde, maybe just once or twice a week instead. Purple shampoo tones the gingery undertones out of your hair. You'll want some hair oils or anti-breakage serums as well to put on your hair after showering to make it easier to comb and save yourself from split ends. Don't forget to deep condition a few times a week like mentioned above!

6. Be prepared to spend more money - Remember your roots are going to grow back, and unless you're ready to grow it out into am ombre you'll have to get root touchups. People usually get their roots touched up every 4-12 weeks depending on your hair type and growth. It's best to have a professional do this so the colours can be rematched perfectly.

7. Be prepared for damage - There's no way around it, your hair is not going to be as strong and smooth and silky, and in some cases no matter what you do your hair will have that 'hay' like texture. If you're already a very light brown or blonde the damage will be minimal, but most of us aren't so lucky. Your hair will be harder to comb out, take longer to get longer (ends break off easily), frizzier, and expensive to maintain. That being said, it's just hair! You'll be able to grow it back and dye it back to your natural (almost) colour any time you want. If you really want to go blonde and willing to put in the maintenance time and money.. GO FOR IT!

I'm very excited to start the process of going blonde! Do you have anymore tips about going blonde? Have you dyed your hair blonde before? Any good products for strengthening hair that you know of?
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*All photos belong to their respective owners. Sources: Tumblr. Top middle is blogger Anne Saccone.*