Sunday, 20 April 2014

Thrift Shopping Haul

Romper - Thrifted ♡ Faux leather jacket - Forever 21 ♡ Combat boots - Sirens/Stiches Canada

Long-line ash cardigan - Thrifted ♡ Darling babydoll dress - Forever21 ♡ Leopard Oxfords - Forever21

Faux leather skirt - Thrifted (By Bebe) B&W crop top - Thrifted (By Forever21) ♡ Knee highs - Forever21

Blouse - Thrifted (By Zara) ♡ Velvet disco pant - BCBG

Polkadot high waist skirt - Thrifted ♡ Shirt - Sirens/Stiches Canada

I absolutely LOVE thrift shopping, and luckily I live near one of the best thrift store chains I've ever been to. I don't like thrift shopping in the high end and pricey consignment shops, I prefer the totally messy cheap dig through bins. My local thrift stores get all of their clothes bulk from the USA, a lot of it is overstock which leaves some really high end finds just waiting to be dug for. This Easter weekend when I was home visiting my family I hit up my favourite location, they never disappoint. Here's the pieces I picked up above, I styled them with a few items I already owned. Me and my boyfriend went on an adventure in the woods to get these shots haha. I only spent $30 on these six pieces, I find they're all perfect for that transition from winter into spring style!

1 comment on "Thrift Shopping Haul"
  1. I love the long-line ash cardigan with the Darling babydoll dress! I will have to keep an eye out in the UK for these!

    I am now following you on GFC - your blog is great :)

    Happy Easter xx

    beautysaveuk ♥